Montana's Saloon

Montanas are great neighborhood bars. We like to think of each one as a "modern day Cheers." Please come and visit! We know you won't be a stranger for long.

We feature great drink specials, karaoke, pool tables, darts, eight-liners, tournaments, touch-screen table-top games, horse shoes and more. There are plenty of TV's for the sports fans. For details about activities, visit the the pages for each location: Conroe, Humble, Moonshine Hill, Splendora and Kingwood.

If you like celebrities, you might like to know that our saloons have been graced with the presence of Willie Nelson, Larry Butler, Kris Kristoferson and many others. At our Humble location, George Forman's daughter once sang karaoke with us. Our good friend and legacy fighting champion, Patrick Hutton, comes each week for our famous steak night on Moonshine Hill. You history buffs will love to know that in the 1930's Moonshine Hill Saloon was called The Bird Cage and legend has it that Bonnie & Clyde visited.

Lot No. 6

Lot No. 6

We're proud to announce an all-new club in Tulsa, OK with an entirely new concept. It's not just a club. It's an art gallery! Lot No. 6 is being operated by Richie's daughter, Vanessa.

It's a fun place with a casual atmosphere, where you can relax, enjoy art, hang out, meet new friends and have a few drinks. Lot No. 6 is eclectic and diverse without being boring and snobby. Don't come expecting some quiet, stuffy, museum atmosphere. We're up for some fun!

Visit the Lot No. 6 website now.


Party at Montana's

You can book your party with Montana's—birthday's, corporate, anniversary, engagement or just about anything. Hey, we love to celebrate!

Give us a weeks notice and we'll throw in free balloons and decorations. If you have ten or more people, receive one free Montana's t-shirt. Contact us now to book your Montana's party.

Montana's Limo

Montana's Limo

At Montana's we're strong advocates of drinking responsibly. Don't drink and drive! Just don't! We've got free soft drinks for designated drivers. Just let us know.

Hey, you know what? We'll even do the driving for you. Why not book the Montana's Limo for that special occasion or just a fun night out with friends? How about "girl's night out" in style! Contact us for details and booking.




3:00 PM–2:00 AM

Happy Hour

3:00 PM–7:00 PM

Tina and Richie

Tina & Richie